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About us

Resplendent. Enigmatic. Opulent.

The world of Laminates of Reolaxe puts you in luxurious mode with state of art technology, updated machineries, tech-enabled facilities and experienced, trained and expert workforce who produce the best in class High Pressure Laminates.

Reolaxe created history in Indian Laminate Manufacturing Industries by establishing itself in a very short time, surpassing the usual time frame of establishment and setup creating a record of sorts by starting operations within 163 days of startup.

Committed to uphold the highest manufacturing standards, our facilities have earned the pertinent certifications including  ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, IS:2046.

We are consistently focused and dedicated towards ensuring that we inculcate continuous innovations and improvement in manufacturing premium laminates that imbibe Italian designs, wood, textures, colors and finishes.

Majestic Impressions that Inspire

Spaces are the expression of the owners and impressions are the first impact for the beholders. Our Laminates make a majestic impression that inspire good feeling in the space.

We Also Offer

Our designs combine the utilitarian aspect of the surfaces covered with intuitive technology and surface texture finishes. Made to last longer than the longest time and tough from inside out, we make what we speak! Aided by excellent services and warranty coverage, our products are coveted internationally too.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Excellent Technology

Our laminates come infused with technology that supports the modern lifestyle and mitigates problems of weather, fire and high pressure surface usage.

Excellent Blend

Different materials are blended in the laminates to create an amorous range that gives the uses benefits that are more congruent to the space usage.

Professional Team

Right from product R&D to sales, every person in our team is a professional and an expert in their work segments

100% Imported Paper

We use imported paper for blending and designing the laminate surfaces that not only make it more durable but also long lasting

Pure Phenolic Product

Using pure phenolic ie. resin products ensure that the molding and insulating is done optimally well.

1mm Thickness

A good 1mm thickness is the most accurate thickness size which not only helps the laminates to be molded but also adapted well on any surface.

Our Vision

Happy customers, super-charged team, robust production facility and world-class products that turn into reality is the vision for each of us at Reolaxe. To be the best in everything we do and everything we create is what we aim for.

Our Mission

Small step goals and big milestones are what we are aiming for since 2015. Our mission is to be in a constant state of upgradation and technology infused laminate company that brings on board happiness and satisfaction with perfection in each step or process we put our minds on.

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